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Chicken Ovarian Cancer Organization(COCO) is an association of dedicated scientists and clinicians who are interested in the use of the Chicken as a model for understanding and curing human ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer

 Although less common than other gynecologic cancers, ovarian cancer mortality represents 2.5% of cancer deaths in the United States. This reflects a lack of early detection tools, as less than 25% of ovarian tumors are detected at Stage I.The five-year survival of patients with stage I/II ovarian tumors (80-90%) is dramatically higher than the survival of those diagnosed with stage IV tumors (less than 30%). This suggests that earlier detection could significantly increase survival. This is supported by the improved survival rates resulting from early detection, for prostate cancer (PSA test), breast cancer (mammography) and cervical cancer (PAP smear). 

Because ovarian tumors in the hen are spontaneous and can be followed by imaging and blood tests, the factors associated with early events in ovarian cancer can be examined in the hen model.Furthermore, pre-clinical studies of therapeutic agents and strategies can be easily studied.
Thus, studies in the hen can contribute to information on tumor etiology, development of markers for early diagnostic tests, and to development of novel therapies




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